Monday, 2 June 2014

Let me introduce you My high heels.!!!!


I like shoes, specially high heels (pumps).  I am originally from South America, I have been living in Europe since 2004. I don't remember my mom teaching me  how to walk in high heels, but you learn it as part of the culture.

Nowadays I feel more comfortable using 100mm,  my shoes collection has kitten heels, stiletto heels and prism heels.

One thing I learned living in Norway is being practical, you don't need to die in your heels. When I go to a party I always has in my handbag a pair of ballerina shoes, when it's time to go home I changed my heels for my flat shoes and ready to go. When it's winter season,  I carry my heels in my handbag while I am using my winter boots to be outside.

Metallic pumps
Colourful Pumps

Beige, Brown and print.

 Black and White


Brigth, Neon Colours

In my shoes collection I also has flat shoes, boots, etc. But I wanted to show my heels, I am still missing for example a nice pair of purple pumps, but the ones I have seen on the internet is not the right purple.

Nowadays, I am working on my other sewing projects based on the designs of:  Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret, Giambatista Valli and Moschino.

See you soon.!!!

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