Friday, 13 June 2014

My TIBI Skirt version

Hello Everyone.!

As the title says this sewing project was inspired by the Silk faille skirt from TIBI. This skirt was a boom between bloggers, in colours red and lime green,  but when I checked the website of TIBI you also can find it in black.  I did'nt have Silk faille fabric but I remember that I did have taffeta which I bought long time ago. So, I decided to sew my own version.

The pictures were took at my work place and there was so much wind, it was crazy, but here it is my Tibi skirt version



I dont know how Silk faille fabric behave but I can say that Taffeta is not the best option, it gets wrinkle very easy and you must use something under to avoid static electricity.

And as I said the wind was crazy....

See you until my next article.


  1. This skirt is in my "to sew" list too!
    I actually started cutting out a thick plaid cotton (not EXACTLY the right fabric :P) for it yesterday but for some reason I can't iron the fabric! It's a lumpy mess!
    I love love love the look of your taffeta skirt, but I hate wrinkles! Hopefully there is a fabric out there that will provide that amount of volume without wrinkling!

  2. Yes. I am sure we can find it. I hope you manage to sew this skirt, its very ladylike.