Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Roland Mouret Off white Agonum Top version


I love this top, its like a piece of architecture and also challenging.

Roland Mouret Agonum Top

The top required 2 types of interfacing. I used Vanilla silk crepe de chine and off white wool crepe. I did use Heat n'bond and stretch interfacing.

First we must start with the toile or patternmaking.

Here its the toile I did.

The toile
Then, The construction, I could have used cotton interfacing but instead I wanted to try bonding two fabrics together, specially for the panel in the bottom part of the top.
For the Bust part of the top I used Fashion fabric wool crepe+Heat n' bond+cotton sateen.
For the top panel at the bottom I used one piece of wool crepe folded and bond together with heat n' bond.
The front part of the top are made of wool crepe and Silk crepe de chine interfaced with stretch jersey.

The back parts of the top are made of wool crepe and silk crepe de chine as lining no interfacing at all.
Ready for work using my new RM Top.


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