Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Roland Mouret Herbert dress version

Hello Everyone!!!

Since I saw this dress I loved it. What I did'nt like was the price. I must admit that I have bought clothes from Roland Mouret; actually, I did have two times the chance to buy this dress but I made my decision: I am going to sew it myself. I saw many pictures of this dress for covering every detail, including the type of fabric. It took me a lot of work until I got it right, I am not a professional, I just love sewing and fashion. Imagination was the key, specially because this dress is completely base in draping. Which I did With the help of my dress form.

You have seen this dress in many actresses or famous people.

Picture from frillsandthrills

In different colours: Dark Blue, red, light blue, and the most famous version two-tone cream and coral red.

It was not easy to find everything I need to match every detail of the dress, but if you are very patient everything will fall in place. So, I bought the fabric from a nice boutique in England, the Riri Zipper and grossgrain ribbon from USA. There is one thing that my dress do not have, the beige bias tape in the hem, apart from that the dress has been done exactly in the same way as the original With the same draping forms. I sew the dress also in two-tone, Vanilla and Orange.

This is my Roland Mouret Herbert dress Version. 

Pic.1 Front of the dress

Pic 2. Back of the dress
Pic 3.Close-up One
Pic 4. Close-Up Two