Thursday, 19 June 2014

Neon colourful dresses

Hola! Hello! Hei!

I come from a warm country.  The whole year is summer. I never thought about Seasons until I moved out to Europe. Where I live it is very cold during winter and summer can be very good or very bad. The way people dress up seems to depend on the season, colourful during spring/summer and neutral during autumn/winter.

When I see around me, most of the norwegians dress up in  neutral colours, very few will dare to dress up in bright colours specially if those colours are VERY bright. When I have the chance to go to a work-party 95% dress-up in black, When I ask why black? the common answer is: It's safe.!

Don't take me wrong, I dont have anything against black, I have black clothes, but to dress completely in black, it's a NO, NO for me.

My personal opinion is that colours has many powerful characteristics: They make you happy, they enhance you, you can also cheer up the day to others, etc.

I dress colours the whole year, I don't care about seasons, as long as I match my colour properly and the whole outfit looks great.

I am not really into neutral colours, I feel tasteless, but that's just me, it doesn't mean that others can not look great. I have seen girls dressing in neutral colours and they look fabulous. The thing with neutral colours is that they are not for me. My Life is too colorful.!!

By the way, talking about colours, here are my neon colourful dresses. Smile.!

Roksanda Ilincic Neon green dress

McQ by Alexander McQueen Neon Pink dress
McQ by Alexander McQueen Neon Orange dress

Susana Monaco Neon yellow dress

Theory Neon Blue dress

The dress from Roksanda came originally with sleeves, but I took them away because I am not fan of 3/4 sleeve, and they were too big for my taste.

And my favourite of all my colourful dresses, specially because it can be used with different colours of shoes or handbags is.....

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Kay Floral Paintdrip Printed Jersey

See you in my next article.!

Friday, 13 June 2014

My TIBI Skirt version

Hello Everyone.!

As the title says this sewing project was inspired by the Silk faille skirt from TIBI. This skirt was a boom between bloggers, in colours red and lime green,  but when I checked the website of TIBI you also can find it in black.  I did'nt have Silk faille fabric but I remember that I did have taffeta which I bought long time ago. So, I decided to sew my own version.

The pictures were took at my work place and there was so much wind, it was crazy, but here it is my Tibi skirt version



I dont know how Silk faille fabric behave but I can say that Taffeta is not the best option, it gets wrinkle very easy and you must use something under to avoid static electricity.

And as I said the wind was crazy....

See you until my next article.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Let me introduce you My high heels.!!!!


I like shoes, specially high heels (pumps).  I am originally from South America, I have been living in Europe since 2004. I don't remember my mom teaching me  how to walk in high heels, but you learn it as part of the culture.

Nowadays I feel more comfortable using 100mm,  my shoes collection has kitten heels, stiletto heels and prism heels.

One thing I learned living in Norway is being practical, you don't need to die in your heels. When I go to a party I always has in my handbag a pair of ballerina shoes, when it's time to go home I changed my heels for my flat shoes and ready to go. When it's winter season,  I carry my heels in my handbag while I am using my winter boots to be outside.

Metallic pumps
Colourful Pumps

Beige, Brown and print.

 Black and White


Brigth, Neon Colours

In my shoes collection I also has flat shoes, boots, etc. But I wanted to show my heels, I am still missing for example a nice pair of purple pumps, but the ones I have seen on the internet is not the right purple.

Nowadays, I am working on my other sewing projects based on the designs of:  Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret, Giambatista Valli and Moschino.

See you soon.!!!