Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Roland Mouret Anser dress version


Yes, yes, again, Roland Mouret.
I just love most of his designs, specially because they represent a challenge for me. Make me think and re-think, make me ask myself: How he did it?
I can sit down with a squared-off piece of fabric for hours, playing with it, trying to figure out: How he did it? and when I managed, the satisfaction is indescribable.
I decided to make the Anser dress after surfing ebay, someone was selling a RM Anser dress and I just thought that I should try to make this dress, specially because it was a simply but chic dress perfect for partying.
The most difficult part for me is the fitting, as I have said before one thing is to make the clothing piece in the dress form and another to try it on.
This is the result, the one you see in the photos is a prototype (white and green), I have recently bought a gold fabric and black lining for making this dress. This dress is done with one piece of fabric, which is draped.

I have to do some adjustments to the front part, but its not easy when you work alone.


Well, After doing the toile and the adjustments, here is my Roland Mouret Anser dress, made of Habotai lining and Gold black lame fabric.

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