Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Roland Mouret Neon Green Betley Top version


In my fabrics stash I did have some pieces of neon green crepe fabric. I love that color, and I did really want to do a Top with it.

So, I managed to do a Top based on the dress from Roland Mouret called Betley, but I didn't have enough fabric for me to  be able to make the front part  in one piece that's why you see the top front part made of two pieces sew together. (Picture 1), the original do not have it.

Picture 1
Picture 2
I didn't want the front part to be open in the belly area. I did also a small change in the back.
It's done...!



  1. It ia amazing what you do. I am in love with RM and I am doing Eugine top by myself right now. But this is to hard for me. You are my hero :)

  2. Hei, thanks for your comment, if you need help with the Eugene top, just let me know.

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