Sunday, 6 September 2015

My Roland Mouret Sitona Arreton skirt version


I don't know with you, but I used to like mini skirts but it seems my taste has changed lately and then I don't feel comfortable or great using mini skirt, now I am in love with midi skirts and for quite a bit I have wanted a off white midi skirt.

After doing RM Agonum top  I did have some Off white crepe left, so I decided to sew a Midi skirt making a mix of RM Sitona skirt  back side and Arreton Skirt front side. It takes time for me to publish a new sewing project since apart from a full time job I work with draping for making my own patterns and then fitting, plus I have to buy from abroad all the things I need.

RM Sitona (back side) & Arreton skirt (Front Side)
Front and back of my toile. The most problematic part I did have it was with the front side, I love hugging clothes. Something that helped me to make the fitting in the front a bit better was two Things:  The darts must be under at the same distance as my areolas and the point of the dart must end in the most protrude part of my lower abs.

Front of the Skirt

Back of the skirt

Here is the front and back parts of my off-white skirt, They look with very strange from, but that's because I like normally to have a lot of extra seam allowance for making the last fitting.
 Back side of the Skirt

Front side of the Skirt
 Placement of the zipper
 Finished Front side
Finished Back side
Here it's me with my New Off White midi skirt.