Friday, 29 December 2017

My Roland Mouret Moon dress version.

Some minutes here and there everyday, I manage to sew. This time I decided to sew Roland Mouret Moon dress. I must say that compare to many famous dresses from Roland Mouret this dress looks like a piece of architecture. Sort of.
As always we need to make the toile.
A knock-off of this dress will not have the features that make this dress what it is: A Star !!!
Pieces of the dress made in stretch cotton buttercup color. The most difficult of this dress was the sleeves.
I keep the principle that  "Everything starts with a squared off piece of fabric that during the draping process is shape". (^.^)

The top part of the dress.

I sew an invisible zipper

The front part of the top is sew (inserted) to the back part that goes around the whole torso. Front  and back are not sew to the sides like in a standard dress.
The front of skirt of this dress is one piece is not like the knock off dress I have seen where they just sew a small triangle made of fabric to the skirt.
I am very happy with the results. This is without doubt a custom made Roland Mouret Moon dress (^.^)
The dress is finished. Pictures of the inside.

Done (^.^)

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